Importing a Polygon

You can import a polygon or multiple polygons picked in the Map View in the GeoQuest/IESX format (.dat or .iesx file extension), DUG’s .dupoly format, ascii plaintext format (.txt) and Kingdom Planimeter format (.dat or .plg file extension). For polygons created in the section view, you can import a single or multiple polygons in the DUG’s .dupoly format.

Import a polygon

Import a polygon
  1. In the Control Panel, select Import menu.
  2. Click Polygons.
  3. Select the polygon file(s) to be imported and click Open.
  4. If the map polygons are using a different coordinate reference system (CRS) from the project CRS, Insight will open the Coordinate Reference System conversion window. This tool allows you to convert the map polygon CRS to the project CRS (see Converting CRS When Importing a Map Polygon).

Note: If you have saved multiple polygons in one file, you can select that file to be imported and all the polygons will be loaded at the same time. Additionally, you can also import multiple files that contain one polygon each, and load them all in Insight, simultaneously.

Polygon plaintext importer

Polygon plaintext importer

If an ASCII plaintext format file is selected, the Import Polygon window will be displayed.

  1. In the Columns section, define how the columns in the text file is separated (i.e. by whitespace, comma, semi-colon, etc).
  2. If the text file contains Header lines, specify how many lines the headers occupy.
  3. At the Parsed section, choose from the drop-down box what each column represents.
  4. If there are no errors or warnings, click OK.