Polygon Operations

Using polygon operations, multiple polygons can be combined to create new shapes. 


  • Split shapes into polygons
  • Create polygon from
    • All shapes
    • Union of shapes 
    • Intersection of shapes
    • Difference of shapes from
    • Exclusion of shapes

Note: Create polygon options are only available if the selected polygons are on the same plane (map slice, horizon, section or gather).

Split shape into polygons

If a polygon is constructed from multiple shapes, they can be divided into separate polygons. The new polygons are stored in a new folder.

  1. In the Control Panel / Polygon tab, right click a polygon.
  2. Choose Split shapes into polygons.
  3. A dialog is shown to name the destination folder:
  1. Enter a name for the folder.
  2. Click OK.
    • A folder is created containing a polygon for each of the shapes.

Create polygon from...

The Create Polygon From... options are available when more than one polygon is selected in the Control Panel / Polygons tab and the selected polygons share the same Z domain value.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Polygon tab.
  2. Hold Ctrl/Shift and select the polygons to combine.
  3. Right click and select Create Polygon from...
  4. Choose the operation to perform.
  1. Type a name for the polygon and click OK.
  2. Click the newly created polygon to edit the settings.

Create Polygon From... Operations

All Shapes

  • All shapes included in the selected polygons are added to a new polygon.
  • Only one copy of duplicate shapes is included in the result.
  • The resulting polygon will contain multiple shapes, at least one per select polygon.

Union of Shapes

  • The area from all shapes in the selected polygons are merged into a new polygon.
  • The resulting polygon will contain one shape for each contiguous region.

Intersection of Shapes

  • A polygon is created from the area covered by all the shapes in the selected polygons.
    • i.e. the area where all selected shapes overlap

Difference of shapes from ‘<<polygon name>>’

Note: The first polygon is the top-most polygon using the order in the Polygon tab. It is NOT the first polygon selected.

  • Take the area in the first polygon
  • Subtract the area in each subsequent polygon from the first.
  • Create a new polygon from the result.

Exclusion of shapes

  • Find the non-overlapping (or unique) areas from all the shapes in the selected polygons.
    • i.e. Create a polygon from the area that is covered by only one shape.

Note: Insight will not create polygons which generate shapes with holes inside. Shapes with holes are not supported.

Example of using multi-shape polygons

A multi shaped polygon can be used as one input in any horizon operations in Map View i.e. Erase.