Exporting to Text

Use Insight’s export function to write seismic or other volume data to text format.

Note: Exporting to text is only applicable for single volume.

Warning: Text formats are an inefficient way to store data and will be many times larger than the original format. Ensure that you have the disk space and resources available when exporting to text.

Text format settings

Export a 3D volume to DUG I/O
  1. At Format, select Text.
  2. Click Configure Output to select the preferred header(s) to export.
    • By default, all headers are selected.
  3. At File, click the blue folder icon to set the output file name.

Text Export Settings

  1. Select the text format
    • SUASCII - Seismic SU Header file in ASCII format
    • CSV Headers - Comma Separated Value file
  2. Export options
    • Write Headers Only
    • Skip Zero Headers
    • Wrap Headers
    • Scale Headers
  3. Select headers to export or tick select all (default)
  4. Click Confirm to accept the settings.
  5. Continue with the rest of the export settings shown in Exporting to DUGIO.