NaN Removal

Description Replace NaN (missing or invalid values) with constants or simple interpolation.
Module(s) Explorationist, Image Gather Processing
Requirements Volume
Related Volume Maths, Volume Maths (Simple)
Works with 2D, Stacks, Gathers

NaN, or "not a number", is a common acronym used to represent values that are undefined. In seismic data and other volumes, NaN values are used to represent non-existent data or missing values. Some processes and formulas may generate NaN values when the calculation is invalid.

  1. Click the Process tab in the Control Panel, add a NaN Removal process and enter an appropriate name. (See Processes Overview for more details on processes in Insight).
  2. Select a Volume that requires correction.
  3. Select the Action for the removal process. There are three methods:
    • Replace with a constant: NaN values will be replaced by the value in the NaN replacement value field. By default, this is set to zero
    • Linear Interpolation: The replacement value is interpolated from the two neighbouring non-NaN values.
    • Nearest Neighbour: The nearest non-NaN value is used.
  1. Click the Replace Zeroes Too to apply the same process to zero values.
  2. The result will be available as a selectable virtual volume in Insight.