Exporting Traces Along Well Path

It is possible to export traces extracted along a well path to the ASCII format.

Export traces along a well path

Export traces along a well path
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  2. In the wells tree, select the well(s) that you want to export the traces.
  3. Right-click the selected well(s), click Export and select Traces along well. The Export Traces Along Wells window will be displayed.
  4. At Volume, select the volume from which you want to export the traces.
  5. Type the sample interval for the export at Sample Interval.
  6. Select the interpolation method at Interpolation. Available interpolation methods include Sinc, EdgeDetecting, Langrangian, Linear, Nearest and Spike.
    Note: The selected interpolation method is used for vertical interpolation. Horizontal interpolation will always be based on 4-point Lagrangian, EXCEPT that if you select Nearest for vertical interpolation, then horizontal interpolation will also be based on the Nearest method.
  7. At Format, select whether to export the traces in Seismic Unix or ASCII format.
  8. Click Export. Type the export directory where the traces will be saved.

Note: Traces will be exported in the selected volume’s native vertical dimension.