Using Sample Data

The best way to introduce the basic features and functions of Insight is through a practical hands-on demonstration. Luckily for you, we provide a sample dataset which you can use to experiment and play around with.

Simply download the sample data and load it into Insight by following the steps below.

Download a sample dataset

Download a sample dataset
  1. From your desktop, open your preferred browser.
  2. Navigate to the DUG website at
  3. Click the Sample Data section.
  4. Click the 3D Project or 2D Project to download a zip file of the 3D or 2D sample dataset respectively.
  5. Decompress the zip file and save it to your computer.
    • By default, the directory should be called "Insight-sample-2D-project" or "Insight-sample-3D-project".

Open the sample project

  1. Open the DUG Insight Launcher.
  2. Click Open Project.
  3. Select the sample project directory and click Open Project.

Launch Insight for the sample project

Launch Insight for the sample project
  1. After selecting the sample project, select DUG Insight as the application to launch.
  2. Type or select the amount of memory that can be used by the application (see Allocating Memory).
  3. Click Launch to run Insight.

Open the sample session

Open the sample session
  1. In the Control Panel, click Open Session on the Insight Start page.
  2. Alternatively, expand the File menu and select Open Session.

Select sample file

Select sample file
  1. In the Open session window, select the "sample" file.
  2. Click Open to begin exploring the sample data.

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