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How do I convert culture polygons into regular polygons?

These instructions are for importing a single polygon into Insight. In order to import multiple polygons, see How do I convert a .duculture file containing many shapes to a .dupoly file.

Note: Simply right-click on a culture product and select Export shapes to new map polygon (see Working with Culture).

  1. From the Map View> Culture tab, right-click on the culture file and select Export 'Culture'.
  2. Export the file as an ASCII format .duculture file.
  3. In the Insight Control Panel, expand the Import menu and select Polygon.
  4. At Files of type, select All Files.
  5. Select the exported .duculture file and click Open.
  1. In the Import Polygon window, define the X and Y columns.
  2. If there are no errors, click OK.

You should now have your culture as editable polygons.