How does Oracle's Java licensing apply to Insight?

Oracle’s Java licensing scheme does not apply to the version of Java included with Insight.

Each Insight installation includes a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This ensures Insight runs smoothly and the environment is consistent across users and versions.

The included JRE depends on the release:

  • Up to 4.5-902060 (released before March, 2019):
    • Java 64bit v1.7.0 - “Java SE Version 7”
  • After 4.5-903060 (released after March, 2019):
    • Java 64bit v1.8.0_201 - “Java SE Version 8”

These releases of Java can be used freely without an Oracle Java licence or subscription. Oracle has stated that after January 2019, Oracle Java SE Version 8 will not receive bug fixes or updates without a subscription.

From Oracle's page, Java SE General FAQs:

Java SE 8 remains free of charge for general purpose desktop and server
use and is available under the Oracle 11 Binary Code License (BCL) at
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Internally, we are successfully running areas of our code on non-Oracle versions of Java. We anticipate moving Insight to one of these versions once we have confidence that it is stable and reliable. Java runtime environments not provided by Oracle are not covered by their licensing, but do receive patches, updates and bug fixes.