Displaying Synthetics in Groups

Once you have created all the synthetics, you can display them in the section views as well as the 3D View. The following example shows a workflow where you start by creating groups in the Group tab, assigning specific volume and well curve class in each group, and displaying the synthetics along the wells in the IL/CL View as you switch between the different groups.

Display synthetics in groups

Display synthetics in groups
  1. Create several groups in the Group tab (see Creating a Group).
  2. In each group, add a seismic volume, e.g. a near stack volume in "Near synthetics" group and a mid stack in the "Mid synthetics" group.
  3. At Well Curve Class for each group, select the synthetics curve class that you want to display for the group. In Insight, the Stack (Near), Stack (Mid) and Stack (Far) are the classes for the synth: Near, synth: Mid and synth: Far well curves, respectively.
  4. Open a section view in the View menu in the Control Panel and switch across the different groups to view synthetics of the wells.
  5. In Insight’s Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  6. In the Default Well Settings section, select the Show wiggle display check box and clear the Show density display check box to display the synthetics in wiggles along the wells in the section view.