What’s new in DUG Insight 4.3

DUG Insight 4.3

With a fresh Insight available each month, you might have missed some of the latest changes. Here are some highlights of new features introduced in DUG-Insight 4.3.

General performance

DUG Insight was always fast, and it keeps getting faster! With many application-wide performance improvements, Insight flies through truly massive, regional-scale projects with thousands of wells and ridiculous numbers of 2D lines.

Extra flexibility with Well Correlation View

Compare specific wells effortlessly and quickly work through well-well correlations. Use SHIFT+mousewheel over a well selector to flip between wells at lightning speed.

New Well Curve Zoom

Use our new well curve zoom option to quickly zoom into a specifed log curve or set range.

Advanced checkshot tools

Use Insight's smart resampling to tidy up checkshots, or integrate sonic logs if none are available. In a pinch, copy checkshots from another well without distorting interval velocities.

Improvements in polygon picking!

Picking and adjusting polygons just got easier. Move an entire polygon by pressing shift while dragging the shape. Entries in the polygon points table are reorderable.

For map polygons, select a survey and youll see X/Y and IL/CL coordinates for every point.

Searching (and new hotkeys)

No more scrolling through lists to find an elusive well or horizon with the updated on-the-fly search. Hit CTRL-F in the Control Panel to bring up this handy window.

We've added shortcuts to build workflows faster with hotkeys to create new objects (CTRL-N) and load existing items from the project (CTRL-L).

Super Process Creator!

Easily discover and create processes with integrated help and built-in rapid search.

Use the "Hide unlicenced" filter to show only the features relevant to you.

Better shapefile support!

Mapping improves with better shapefile support. Choose the attribute to display and control the size and colour.

Professional maps are just around the corner!

Show the full set of attributes by right clicking on a shapefile in Map View and choosing polygon attributes.

Detailed trace header displays

Create detailed sections with trace headers shown as a header graph, in the axis or even overlaid on the section.

Working with both SP and CMP? Use the header graph to display both in the axis at the same time!

Is water depth available in the trace headers? Use the header graph to review it above the section, and also display it in the section view to help guide interpretation.  


Jump into arblines faster!

Open arbline views quickly from the Map View. Just right click on an arbline in the Map View and select new view.

Similarly, from the Control Panel, right click on an arbline and select New arbline view. Hey presto!

Capture High Resolution sections!

Need a detailed seismic image for print or publication? Capture section and map views at high-resolution, including or excluding axes and other decorations.

View and 2D line intersections!

Views are colour coded, and intersections between them are presented in the display.
Interpreting a structurally complex area in 2D? Right-click on an intersection to switch or open new views.
Use the map view to keep track of open windows, and even position the view along the displayed line.

Are those 2D scale bars? Yes. We've added those too!

2D Survey details

Line lengths and metrics available in Survey Tab. Select multiple lines at once to calculate total 2D line length.

Enhanced bandpass filter

Define bandpass filters with start and stop frequencies, or by setting cut-off and slope in dB.

Additional Volume Sculpting options

Take advantage of increased flexibility when sculpting volumes by setting constraints to include or exclude data in a polygon.

Detailed horizon information

Horizons include more information on samples & area. Track how a horizon was created in the notes with detailed information on operations and smarter auto-naming.

Easier settings for volumes

Change volume classes quickly, for one or more volumes at a time!